Flooring in Doncaster



If you have a wooden floor, we can sand it and refinish it for you, and leave it looking like new!

We have the tools and expertise to sand and finish a wide range of wooden flooring styles. 

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The process usually has four stages:


Flooring in Doncaster  Sanding

We will remove the top layer of the flooring to reveal a fresh, smooth surface. This is typically done with a specialised machine called a floor sander, which has a rotating drum with abrasive sandpaper attached. Our flooring expert will start with a coarse grit sandpaper and gradually work their way to a finer grit, depending on the condition of the flooring.


Flooring in Doncaster   Filling

After sanding, we will use a wood filler to fill any gaps or cracks in the surface of the flooring. This is especially important for parquet flooring, which has intricate patterns that can be difficult to sand completely.



If desired, we can apply a stain to the flooring to change its colour or enhance its natural beauty. The type of stain depends on the type of flooring and the desired effect.



Once the stain has dried, we will apply a finish to the flooring to protect it from moisture, scratches, and other types of damage. The type of finish depends on the type of flooring and your desired level of durability and sheen. We offer many different finishes including polyurethane, oil, and wax.